Frédéric Leibovitz - Founder & CEO -
Frédéric Leibovitz
Founder & CEO


France’s N°1 independent production music company, Cézame Music Agency specializes in creative synchronization and is a major player in audiovisual production.
A music library, Cézame Music Agency brings together artists of all kinds in the spirit of originality and authenticity. Unlike sound banks, data bases of royalty-free music “by the meter” and stock music, our belief is that production music is a creative field in its own right. This applies both to the composers whose talent we depend upon and to the directors, editors, musical supervisors and producers who place their confidence in us.

Because choosing a certain music to synchronize to an image is a creative act, we place the utmost importance on the quality of the musical content. Music for the cinema, music for documentaries, radio, TV and series, music for advertising and the web, music for videos and YouTube, music for corporate and promotional films and, of course, music for trailers… It’s a huge catalogue covering every musical genre, made instantly accessible for synchronization thanks to our uniquely powerful and comprehensive search engine. 

A music agency in a very real sense, we also produce original scores for TV films, cinema and, more specifically, documentaries. The two complementary activities - commissioned and production music -  offer our clients maximum flexibility. 

With more then 15 years experience in France and internationally, we can confidently propose our expertise in the areas of research and music counseling. Always attentive to your needs, accuracy, rapidity and savoir-faire are the hallmarks of our team. 

Independent and determinedly thinking outside the box, Cézame Music Agency blends artistic originality with a keen sense of service, underpinned by a constantly evolving technology. 



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