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N°1 independent production music company in France

With the firm belief that production music is a creative field in its own right, Cézame Music Agency is changing the face of music for images, sealing our reputation as a state of the art original company set apart from its competitors.


Our team of 25 aims to provide audiovisual professionals with a repertoire of music that is creative, eclectic and comprehensive. 

Cézame Music Agency is here to serve  professionals in audiovisual creation. We will support you at each stage of the selection of a musical piece. For this purpose, we are developing innovative technologies which make the editors’, directors’ and music supervisors’ jobs quick, easy & enjoyable.

The History of Cézame?

Created in 1975, Cézame started life as a folk music label, then branching out into world music and pop in the early 1980s. In 1982, the international success of the song ‘Words’ (Don't Come Easy) by F.R.David put the company on the map with six million singles and nearly a million albums sold worldwide.

At the same time, Frédéric Leibovitz, one of its founders, created the RCA Media music library in association with the American major, RCA. Because of its expressed policy of originality and authenticity, RCA Media took a firm hold in the French audiovisual sector. RCA Media became Koka-Média in 1985 and was quickly recognized internationally as a major production music label. In partnership with the BMG Production Music Group from 1996, Frédéric Leibovitz managed Koka-Média until the acquisition of BMG by the Universal  Music Group in 2007.



Knowing that the Internet would revolutionize the mechanics of music for image for generations to come, Frédéric Leibovitz founded Cézame Music Agency in 2008 with the objective of combining library music and original scores with the representation of independent labels.

Cézame Music Agency is the place to go for high-end production music

At the same time, Cézame Music Agency continues to develop cutting-edge in-house technologies exploiting artificial intelligence and deep learning techniques.

Because of the importance given to Research & Development in musical consultancy Cézame Music Agency's search engine is probably the premier tool in the field of musical illustration and synchronization!

The team


In attention to composers please send your music to the following e-mail address only:

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