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About us

One of the leading independent production music companies (#1 in France), Cezame Music is a creative agency that brings together artists of all styles with a strong spirit of authenticity. We produce and publish music for synchronisation of all types, from audiovisual productions, films, documentaries, and commercials to podcasts and web content. Today, many demanding directors, editors and music supervisors choose our music. Just like them, take advantage of over 50,000 quality tracks reachable via an AI-powered search engine!


About usAn international and independant production music company

Since 2007, Cézame Music Agency has been shaking up the image of music production by sticking to our motto: sync creative, sync different!

As opposed to many sound banks, royalty-free music databases or stock music, we firmly believe that music for images is a field of creation in its own right.

Our savoir-faire and expertise

With over 15 years' experience in France and abroad, we guide you through your musical projects thanks to tailor-made selections, personalised musical advice and our innovative technologies.
Always attentive to your needs, our team of experts will be delighted to help.

An unrivalled musical repertoire

Because selecting music and synchronising it with the image is a creative act, we attach the utmost importance to musical content, giving priority to the quality of our productions.

From baroque to heavy metal, from worldwide traditional music to the latest trends in electronic music, the diversity, quality and richness of our collections are designed to meet the broadest and most specific needs.

As a full-service music agency, we produce original music for documentaries and motion picture films.

At the same time, we have developed our own cutting-edge technology, using AI (artificial intelligence) and deep learning techniques.
Our rich catalogue covering all musical genres is instantly accessible for synchronisation thanks to our powerful search engine, probably the most efficient in its field.
Independent and resolutely off the wall, Cézame Music Agency combines artistic originality with a keen sense of service, supported by constantly evolving technology.


Cézame Music StoryStarting in 1975

Created in 1975, Cézame started life as a folk music label, then branching out into world music and pop in the early 1980s. In 1982, the international success of the song ‘Words’ (Don't Come Easy) by F.R.David put the company on the map with six million singles and nearly a million albums sold worldwide.

At the same time, Frédéric Leibovitz, one of its founders, created the RCA Media music library in association with the American major, RCA. Because of its expressed policy of originality and authenticity, RCA Media took a firm hold in the French audiovisual sector. RCA Media became Koka-Média in 1985 and was quickly recognized internationally as a major production music label. In partnership with the BMG Production Music Group from 1996, Frédéric Leibovitz managed Koka-Média until the acquisition of BMG by the Universal Music Group in 2007.

Knowing that the Internet would revolutionize the mechanics of music for image for generations to come, Frédéric Leibovitz founded Cézame Music Agency in 2008 with the objective of combining library music and original scores with the representation of independent labels.

The team

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