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The place to go for synchronization, Cézame Music Agency’s policy is to bring together artists from across the musical spectrum to produce original quality soundtracks. We also represent multiple independent record labels.

Production Music Collections

From baroque to heavy metal, traditional music from around the world to the latest trends in electronic music ... the diversity, quality and richness of our catalogues mean we can meet the broadest as well as the most specific needs of audiovisual professionals, directors, editors, producers and website creators seeking brand visibility.

Cézame Original Scores
Cézame Carte Blanche
Cézame Trailers
Cézame Sound Design
Cézame Global Investigation
Magnetic by Cézame
Cézame Latin
Cézame Brasil
Cézame Metal Factory
Cézame China
Infinity Scores
Alpha Music & Sound
Art Melodies
UBM Media

Classical Labels & Ocora

All time favourites and hidden gems of classical music are to be found in these catalogues alongside world music from the prestigious Ocora-Radio France ethnomusicology collection.

Claves Records
Ulysses / Classical Music
Ulysses Archive
Millennium Classical Series

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