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Cézame’s website offers 4 ways to explore our catalogue and download the music to meet your needs

1. The search bar
More than 6000 keywords and, most importantly, their synonyms in our thesaurus allow the search engine to answer your queries whatever terms you used. Enter any word that come to mind! You will then be given the choice to refine your search by choosing the most suitable keywords from the suggested list.

2. Guided search
It isoften difficult to describe a piece of music. It’s a subjective process. The “Guided search” menu will help you select keywords from our thesaurus and to filter down to the music that best matches your search.

3.Search with Playlists
Curated by our music directors from the thousands of titles in our repertoire, playlists are a simple and effective way to get what you need and to let you explore the diversity of our labels.

4. Search with Labels
ach label has its own aesthetic. Exploring “labels” allows you to familiarize yourself with their different artistic approaches through the titles and themes of the albums. The "What's New" tab allows you to follow the ongoing development of our repertoire, and thus to discover music with so far untapped potential.

Type in what comes to mind ! Our search engine is based on a thesaurus of 6000 keywords & their synonyms : moods, instruments, cinematic genres, eras, textures, etc.


Intuitive, fast & precise

The Cézame Music Agency search engine is probably the most efficient in the field of its kind thanks to three essential innovations: synonymy, relevance and recommendation.


What's synonymy?
Express yourself with the words that spring to mind! Whatever the terms of your search, the synonymy algorithm identifies the associated keywords and offers you the most appropriate music.


What's relevance?
Thanks to the expertise of our tagging specialists, each component of a track is listed and weighted. Our search engine allows you to access instantly the most relevant results without having to scroll through hundreds of titles.

Recommendation & AI

What's recommendation?
Developed using artificial intelligence, our recommendation algorithm makes it possible, from a selected title, to offer others with the most similarities in our catalogue. Thus, the ‘=‘ icon will give you possibility of expanding your searches by letting you access multiple alternatives which correspond to your initial choice.

The "Guided search" menu lets you use the keywords in our thesaurus as filters to find the music that most closely matches your search.
Need Insipiration

Developed using artificial intelligence, our recommendation algorithm makes it possible, from a selected title, to offer others with the most similarities in our catalogue. Thus, the Egale icon will give you possibility of expanding your searches by letting you access multiple alternatives which correspond to your initial choice.

You can also use ALAIN, our AI, by pasting a youtube, spotify or soundcloud url into the search bar and access a list of tracks from our catalogue in the same spirit.

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My Space

Select a project or a set of titles and generate a sharing link in one click

Share your projects with your collaborators, who can add or modify them

Add tags to your projects for more organization: by theme, by clients, by name of films...


A specialist in synchronization and music for images, Cézame Music Agency is a production and publishing company whose catalogue is intended for audiovisual professionals. Its search engine is the most comprehensive in the field of production music.

Any audiovisual professional: editors, sound designers, film producers and directors, music supervisors, production managers, advertising agencies, content creators etc.

All you need to do is complete the registration form, our team will validate it asap.

Our catalogue is divided into three main categories of music which can be synchronized to image:

Labels- Music library or production music:

Specially designed for synchronization, the cost of using this music is subject to a pre-established scale depending on the audiovisual medium and the duration of the music synchronized.

Sync Indies

Cezame Music Agency represents independent labels whose synchronization potential is particularly appreciated by music supervisors and advertisers. Unlike library music, the synchronization of this music is subject to the prior authorization of the artists and authors. Synchronization rights are negotiated on a case-by-case basis and their download requires a specific request.

Classical labels & Ocora

Downloading the works of classical music in the public domain necessitates prior authorization as it is subject to a different fee structure from that of library music collections. The use of protected classical works is negotiated on a case-by-case basis and requires the prior consent of the rights holders and / or their publishers.

The music published by Cezame Music Agency is not “royalty free".

Contrary to popular belief, "royalty free" music does not exist. If the digital production music libraries that flourish today insist that it does as a marketing strategy, it is only because they have acquired from the artists all rights to their music, thus depriving them of any subsequent income linked to its exploitation.

At Cézame Music Agency, each artist is paid according to a fair distribution, and receives an income corresponding to all synchronizations and broadcasts of their works.

Better than “royalty free", by choosing Cézame Music Agency, you can be sure that you are in compliance with copyright law. Furthermore, you are participating in a virtuous circle, allowing artists to make a living from their work and their publisher to offer you constantly updated creative content!

The days of background music are over. Today, music plays an essential part in winning over your audience. Wherever the final destination of a film may be, the choice of music will play a decisive role in communicating and emphasizing your message.

If your video has been blocked on Youtube, it means the video gave rise to a claim about the copyright of the music used.
For us to be able to release the claim, please send us an e-mail at [email protected] with the following information :

- the link to the Youtube Video (Watch out : the video must be Unlisted or Public )

- the name of the Youtube Channel the video has been posted on

- the title(s) of the track(s) used in the video

We will do our best to release the claim within 48 hours.


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This is a multi-criteria search engine with no limits.
Results refined as they are compiled. If two criteria are incompatible “no result” will appear.

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